Sunday, August 29, 2010

The bread chronicles continue

My mom sent me a couple of bread recipes from my grandma, and yesterday I thought I might experiment with one of them. My food supply had run low, and I wasn't in the mood to walk the 2 minutes to the grocery store... and with no milk, I was feeling like I might starve to death. The "stir and drop yeast rolls" recipe looked perfect, as I had little more than the flour, butter, water, one egg, salt, and yeast that it called for. Unfortunately, I do not have muffin tins, which is what you are supposed to drop the dough into to form a nice roll. Instead, I ended up with pieces of bread that slightly resembled pancakes, or large cookies:

I have to say, they are pretty tasty. I didn't get a picture of the last bread I made after I (over)baked it... but here is a picture of it right before going into the oven:

I went with a braided loaf because I think they're kind of fun. In the future I will save the braiding exclusively for challah, so as not to trick myself into thinking I have something that I don't.

This morning I went to the grocery store and bought some necessities...

Not pictured: beets and cabbage.

Tonight, in the middle of it, my absentee roommate will finally return. When I first arrived, the apartment appeared to have a bedroom (with bunkbeds and a normal bed), a living room (couch, chair, shelves, desk), and a kitchen. Initially it didn't even seem like someone else lived here... there was some stuff in the bedroom, but not enough to lead me to believe someone inhabited it. So, I made myself at home, and a couple of days later was told that there was, in fact, a roommate, and he would return toward the end of my training program. About a week after that, it dawned on me that the "living room" was actually meant to be a bedroom. The couch pulls out into a bed and everything. So, basically, I came into the apartment and took over some random person's bedroom. I ended up staying in there for the majority of the time because the room is much nicer. It has a lot of natural lighting, a nicer view, and a more spacious set up. I briefly considered moving all of his stuff into the other room while he was gone, but then thought that since there is a chance I will have to live with him for the next 9 months, that might start us out on the wrong foot. So this weekend I moved all of my stuff into the other bedroom (most of it was still packed anyway), but I think I will have to leave a note telling him about the confusion, or he might wonder why I organized his desk. I do not know much about him. One person told me he met him at a party once, where he refused to speak anything but Russian. Another person told me that his Russian as actually quite good. All I know for sure is that he's Irish, and if he tries to speak in Russian to me, I just might punch him in the face.

One other thing that has been on my mind today: I am having doubts that I will make it through the entire 9 months here. I am starting to experience some intense home and boyfriend (but not motion) sickness. Part of what brings this on, I think, is being alone in most of my free time (lucky for me, I do not have much free time...). I think it's good for me, to be alone and reflect on these feelings and deal with them, but that doesn't change the fact that it's not easy. I think things are about to get a little better, however. A girl I've been corresponding with who is part of the internship will be arriving on Tuesday, which I am super excited about. It will be nice to have a friend here in Mytishchi. It seems like there is a good chance I will be moving to the three bedroom apartment to live with her and the Irish guy. An Irishman, Canadian, and American all under one roof... that is much better than the alternative of living alone with the Irishman, or with the socially awkward couple. Plus, the three bedroom apartment is situated right above the school, instead of a 20 minute walk. My fingers are crossed. In addition, my mom will likely come visit over my winter break, and my dad a little while after that. Kyle and I didn't want to get our hopes up by planning for him to come visit but, as time goes on, I am thinking a visit from him would be well worth any expense incurred by the trip.

Ну, это все. До свидания!

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  1. Does Kyle know about this boyfriend of yours? You wouldn't want them visiting at the same time...