Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a few pictures...

What the weather has been looking like lately... it's wonderful. View from my kitchen window.

Tree-shaped blin.

My diet for the first several days.

My cute little kitchen. The picture is being taken from the dining area table and bench.

A leather door! After seeing a door similar to this in Night Watch (only the best movie of all time), I was really hoping I would have one before I came. слава богу!

This ridiculous lock made me feel really secure until 3 Russian men barged into my apartment one morning. Thank god I was dressed (It was the landlord and people from the water company... in his defense, he had no idea there was a tenant.)

My apartment keys.

This was the view out of my bedroom widow for the first week or so. Nothing like fires and smoke to remind me of home.


  1. ooh the apartment looks really nice (minus the smoggy view out the window)! Did it come furnished with everything, like all the kitchen appliances?

  2. Yea the apartments are basically fully equipped. You're lucky to be coming a month after everyone else, all of the little kinks will have been ironed out (everything will be working, internet situation will be known, etc). For the most part, LL seems to have been using the apartments for awhile, so they have mostly everything you need. The exception are the apartments they have recently acquired-- one guy didn't have pots and pans (although, based on him eating McDonalds every day for lunch, I doubt he does much cooking).

    I do plan to buy a few things once I know for sure which apartment I will be in for the entire 9 months. Like a coffee maker. And hangers.

  3. I'm surprised. The place looks nice. Maybe I was expecting everything to be gray or at least covered in biohazard/radioactive stickers. I need to travel more. I do love the pancake. Prior to the end of the Cold War the Soviets were placing nuclear warheads in the blowholes of sperm whales and dropping them in the Bering Sea and you captured it nicely.

  4. Wow! The kitchen, nor the view, has changed!