Thursday, September 9, 2010

Голубца моя, как я тебя люблю

Okay, technically, the singular is голубец, but if you know the song (О, голубка моя, будь со мною, молю/ В этом синем и пенном просторе/ В дальнем родном краю./ О, голубка моя, как тебя я люблю/ Как ловлю я за рокотом моря/ Дальнюю песнь твою.) then it makes more sense...

So, there are approximately two readers who understand what I'm talking about, and my labored explanation took away any humor or cute pun. The point is, I had a delicious and successful experiment in CABBAGE ROLLS last night:

When I lived in San Diego, if I had a cabbage roll craving, I would make a quick trip to the local Eastern European market/deli and buy them freshly prepared. Now that I live in Russia, surrounded by Russians who probably eat them at rates astronomically higher than people in the Southern California region, I make them myself. And I don't know why I didn't before. I got twelve rolls out of a cup of cooked rice, half a head of cabbage, a pound of ground beef, and some canned tomatoes. Not to mention the sour cream I eat them smothered in.

Next up on the bread experiment list is some form of a rye-sourdough. I figured if I'm going to live in Eastern Europe, I ought to be making foods typical to the region.

But that won't stop me from trying a pizza place down the street with the other teachers sometime soon. I am quite pleased with my fellow native English speaking coworkers. My roommate is a gay Irishman, and I find him and his Russian boyfriend to be delightful. Katie is absolutely lovely and I couldn't have designed a better friend to be here with. Even the couple has been growing on me, because I realized my previous attitude toward them was both premature and going to cause me suffering in some form. These things all help ease the home sickness, though I find myself frequently awash with longing for my friends and family and everything familiar. You are all in my thoughts.

You may all look forward to the following in my next update(s):

My recently commenced teaching
The honey festival
A '50s and '60s soviet photography exhibition
Attempted mushroom gathering in a forest

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  1. Honey festival? Attempted mushroom picking in forest (hopefully not bear-infested creepy one)I am SO DOWN!!!