Friday, September 17, 2010

I had a clever title, but forgot it.

Dear readers, prepare to be disappointed. You see, last weekend, while eventful, did not include many of the promised activities that I commanded you to look forward to. Sourdough rye bread? НЕТ (no)! Honey festival? НЕТ (no)! Mushroom hunting and gathering? НЕТ (no)!

Now that I have listed the things I didn't do, I shall tell you of some of the things I did accomplish...

I did actually make it to the soviet photography exhibition. It was actually from the '60s and '70s, not the '50s and '60s as I previously said. Please forgive me. It was good. Always interesting to see images from the past. Who are those people? What were they like? What became of them?

Padruga-P and I attempted going out again last weekend, as well. I promised myself I would never spend another entire night out in that city, but it would bound to happen. Originally we were led to believe that we were going to a party in Zelenograd (in the Moskva Oblast', maybe a little farther from the city than Mytishchi) with some fresh meat (the new interns). I'll spare you the gossip: long story short, it was called off. So we went to a bar down the street. They had a two-for-one cocktail deal going until 11 pm, so we were there for awhile, then P&I decided to meet up with another group of people we knew who happened to be just down the street. 15 minutes later, we were back in the very same bar, for lack of options. The happy hour ended, we made out way out, and the exact situation that I did not want to happen, happened: It was P, me, and this guy from the training that I generally find almost unbearable to be around. It's hard to explain why, exactly. But he just strikes me as being a melodramatic bitch, for lack of more eloquent wording (suggestions, anyone?). We just went back to his apartment (which is really shitty, by the way. I didn't realize I was living in the lap of luxury out here in Mytishchi. The LL apartments in Moscow really suck, apparently) and drank beer and listened to music on youtube. It was better than I had expected, and at least we were indoors and P&I had a pull out couch to share, but still not desirable.

Right now a strange thing is happening in my apartment. I mentioned a few weeks ago that the landlord & co. barged into my apartment one day. Well, today, they did the same thing (I had been notified this time), and have (allegedly) been installing a water meter for the past hour and a half. Weird. Ah... silence seems to have befallen my apartment. Perhaps they have departed. Oh... no. This is much weirder. A woman is sitting in my kitchen. She does not want tea. She seems to be waiting for something. Oy. The landlord told me something. All I really understood was that he needed some part and was going to the store and would return. All's quiet in the apartment, again. Thank god.

Ah, anyway, I am trying to remember the rest of my weekend. I think it just involved hanging out with Katie and eating dinner Sunday night with her, my roommate, and his boyfriend.

The week was uneventful. The teaching is kind of fun. My group of teenagers is very quiet, I appreciate that they're well behaved. My children (8-10 year olds) are a little out of control, so I think I'll have to start reigning them in. This coming week is going to be much busier. I will have 6 classes and hit 18 academic hours a week (which is only 13.5 normal hours, but anyone who has ever taught will know that's a lot of time to spend in front of a class... plus there is the lesson planning I do in my spare time). I am very grateful to have 3 day weekends up until this point. The highlight of my week was the cabbage rolls I made last night. I could eat them every day. Experimenting with a new bread recipe... some sort of basic sweet roll. The dough has almost risen.

The plans for this weekend include: a trip to Moscow with Katie and the internet masters, to go to the Apple store and see if they will do anything about Katie's ipod that she spilled tea on (we will omit this last piece of information), and also to the honey festival!!!! I'm not that into taking pictures, but I will take some of that fo' sho. My roommate is out of town, so I have invited Katie over to be my weekend roommate. She is experiencing hella drama (I said it) with her roommates, so she is happy for the opportunity to escape. And have internet. Her roommates, C&S, have gotten on just about everyone's bad side. It will remain to be seen if they make it through the entire nine month contract.

Random information: done.

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