Monday, September 27, 2010

Why am I still awake?

One problem with becoming a teacher after a lifetime of education is that you can never quite shake the anxiety of oversleeping your alarm and missing class. For some reason that thought reminded me of having dreams about school. My dad tells me he still has dreams of taking a final for a class he didn't attend all quarter (I knew he had to be lazy sometime, if only in his dreams)... Which doesn't bode well for us young folk. But it got me thinking: why in the world do people even have that dream?! It's not like that actually happens in real life. Like you would sign up for a class, maybe even start off going to it, and forget about it--for MONTHS, you would just totally forget the class was even going on--then all of the sudden remember it, and then decide to actually take the final. That can't have actually happened to someone. Ever. Now, oversleeping an alarm, that shit is real.

This is a photograph:

The end. Спокойны ночи.

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