Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I always dreamed of a place where frost crunched under your feet

The last few days I've walked to work in the morning, I've had a strangely familiar sensation. The chilly air and frost covering the ground reminds me of home. I don't mean a metaphorical home, but it actually reminds me of Escondido. It reminds me of waking up early for school, seeing the frost covering the other rooftops (giving the wonderful illusion of winter), walking out to the car (that my dad had already warmed up) across slightly crunchy grass and feeling the air bite my face.

Things are a little different now, obviously. My dad isn't here to warm up my clothes in the dryer before I have to get dressed. I don't even have a dryer. And I'm walking to work, alone, instead of being driven to school by my dad (or in a van-full of neighborhood children). But still, there is something familiar about it. It's weird to think about the span of weather I will have seen in just four months by the time December comes. When I arrived nine weeks ago, it was the heat wave of the century, the city was ablaze and shrouded in smoke. Being from Southern California, this ever-changing weather is a new experience for me. I wouldn't go as far as to say we lack seasons back home, but the changes are subtle and the weather mild.

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  1. Rhea, love this blog--getting a real feel for Moscow. Glad you have found some great friends. Food seems to be a huge part of your life! Speaking of Jersey Shore, which I don't watch, I do watch Jerseylicious, about a bunch of girls in a hair salon. They seem to wear a lot of makeup, dress in leopard, and talk funny--they also have Big Hair.