Saturday, October 2, 2010

Originally I thought I would end up being too lazy to post many pictures (it's a complicated process: first you have to take them, then you have to actually put them on the computer, and THEN you have to upload them to the blog), but now I'm starting to think I'm having the opposite problem of only posting pictures and not writing much more than captions. Perhaps that is what I'm doing right now...

Triumphant in front of St. Basil's after the 5k.

Some beautiful golden trees and leaves on my walk to the school.

From the run.

Moscow River at night.

Beginning of the run at dusk.

So many people! Allegedly over 12,000?! Also, I enjoyed the massive Reebok advertisement at the Nike-sponsored event.

Don't start running yet, Katie!!

The run was lovely, even for how out of shape I apparently am. Nevertheless, I suppose I am glad to be running again (I even went for a jog along a creek behind my apartment yesterday).

Oh, something remarkable from the event: we started talking with the people in the registration line because they were speaking English (a weird phenomenon--never in the states did I strike up conversation with people solely because they spoke English), and it turned out they were from San Diego! And the woman (they were a young married couple) had gone to UCSD! What a big coincidence! (though some might argue that there are no small coincidences and big coincidences! only coincidences!)

It's time for me to sleep. Tomorrow is a big day of venturing out into Moscow with Katie and Padruga-P, primarily to hit the honey festival again. Besides, I think I might attempt another jog in the morning? I've gotta keep up my momentum! Especially if I hope to start jogging with Katie someday.

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  1. yay a new post for me to creep haha! :) Had such an awesome time today! And wanna go for a run on the trail together sometime this week?