Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Searching for my voice

In the days since the epic Canadian Thanksgiving party (which was the perfect warmer for the real Thanksgiving just around the corner) which took place Saturday, I have been feeling progressively sicker. Today while I was teaching my first class, my voice started to fail me. I cancelled my two other classes for the day and went home, only for my voice to leave completely.

I've spent my afternoon and evening drinking various warm drinks with honey and lemon, drifting in and out of sleep, and watching Mean Girls, in order to prepare an activity for my teen classes tomorrow. It turns out that I am actually ahead of the pacing schedule for my books in both of those classes and need to slow it down; that coupled with the fact that I can barely talk means that we're going to be watching this classic piece of American cinema as a class. For me personally, this means that I will have watched "Mean Girls" three times in a 24-hour period. Every day I try to one-up myself, tomorrow I will succeed fo sho.

While I am not quite prepared to write about our Canadian Thanksgiving celebration, I feel that I should give you some information about this holiday in order to prepare for my next entry:

Fact 1: America graciously gave our manatee-of-a-neighbor this holiday because it felt bad for Canada.

Fact 2: Pilgrims never really wanted to move to Canada, they simply got lost while looking for America and had to chose between settling and starving to death. It's better that way, as Real Americans would have rather starved than settled for Canada.

Fact 3: While America was happy to give Canada the successful holiday of Thanksgiving, Canada did steal the turkey tradition without permission.

Fact 4: Canadians are only thankful for the maple tree and maple derived or related products.

Fact 5: Canadian Thanksgiving coincides with Columbus Day*, an obvious means of condoning the enslavement, rape, and genocide of indigenous people everywhere. Bravo, Canada, bravo.

All jokes aside, I couldn't possibly hate a Country who produced a person as wonderful as Katie.

*this is the only true fact

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