Thursday, December 9, 2010

back with a vengeance

it seems to have warmed up so much that it's raining instead of snowing. i'm conflicted about this, so i've been weighing what it means:

  • temperatures above freezing
  • rain is one of my favorite sounds (when i'm inside, and particularly at night)

  • slush
  • no longer being able to slide around on the frozen-over pond in fear of it no longer being entirely frozen over and i will fall in and be too stunned/embarrassed to call for help in russian and die
since there seems to be a tie, the conclusion i've come to is that the weather outside doesn't really affect me unless i have to spend any amount of time in it. on the one hand, i don't work again for another 34 hours, a substantially long enough time period for the outdoors to re-freeze; on the other, it would be nice to buy food tomorrow so i can eat.

we'll see how it's looking in the morning, but based on the current conditions it seems unlikely that even hunger will motivate me to leave the apartment. polly is actually quite a source of inspiration for me. tonight, while chatting with her, i was lamenting that i didn't have anything to eat. i mentioned that i had an avocado (exciting!!!!!), rice, cilantro, and onion... and she said something like "well, there you go!!" somehow it hadn't dawned on me that i could make a satisfying meal with those things. as it turned out, i also had tomatoes and chili peppers, so i made a sweet little pico de gallo with avocado then mixed in the rice. not bad, not bad. i think that because i didn't eat a lot of rice growing up, it never really occurs to me as an option for food.

perhaps tomorrow i will just have to chat with her to find the motivation to stay indoors and get creative.

also on the agenda for tomorrow (after the skype date with moya mamochka, of course) is to bake a loaf of bread. perhaps with rosemary and garlic???

as for now: back to the horrible movie i'm watching (so bad i took a break to write a post here...), then sleep.

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