Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Black Beauty

I just read (a severely graded) Black Beauty over a few lessons with one of my individual students. Right now I am desperately trying to download a copy of the movie to take to my lesson tonight so we can start watching it.

I know I went to see this movie in the theater when it came out in 1994, when I was probably about 7 1/2 years old. Not surprisingly, I don't really remember anything about the movie except the scene at the bridge, and the fact that I went to see it with my dad, Pat, Leigh, Charlie, and Will (and possibly a few random neighborhood children). What I remember is how Charlie insisted on sitting alone a few rows ahead of everyone (he was a cool 9 year old, after all, embarrassed to be seen with his family), and at some sad scene we happened to look at him and he was wiping his eyes. We can't say for sure that he was crying, but that didn't stop us for ridiculing him for it long afterward. In fact, I'm still doing it. It left a lasting impression.

Success! Black Beauty has finished downloading!! I guess I can go to work now. I'll be home in roughly 12 hours...

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  1. Aww :( hang in there Rhea! I will be down soon to visit..and work too I guess lol...

    Did you ever read the book Misty of Chincoteague btw? Another horse back from our childhood..