Sunday, December 12, 2010

magic snow, armenians, russian eggs

made a little trip over to korolyov to hang out with miss polly this afternoon. it was nice to get out the kvartira. i spilled some hot coffee on myself because i'm a huge klutz but otherwise it was a good time. after the semi-madness of last night, it was so nice to just chill and bake today. and it's always refreshing to get out of the house, even if it means i'm spending time in the ghetto of the ghetto. although for some reason my banana bread didn't come out as amazing and delicious as usual. ugggh. depressing. do i still give it to my students tomorrow, or have i set the bar for myself too high? decisions, decisions...

i also forgot my mobilochka in her living room, which i didn't realize until after i got on the bus that i waited forever-and-a-day for. the reason i didn't realize this is that i was completely breath taken by the sparkly, soft snow drifting down from the night sky and blanketing everything in its shiny glory. i felt like i was in a snow globe. it was falling so lightly, and everything was so still and quiet. it was magic. so despite the fact that korolyov is kind of a wack place, the snow there is somehow a million times more magical than in mytishchi.

in other news, it took just over three months for my roommate to start joking about the fact that i am basically the loudest person ever. it all started when i was excitedly talking with my mom one morning on skype, just after she'd received some winter boots i ordered (she will bring them when she visits, and hopefully even give them to me). when i returned to the kitchen, ian remarked that i was like an armenian in a marketplace. apparently they are loud. so this morning, after i spoke with my dad for some time, ian asked me how the market was. ha-ha.

finally, tonight i made some egg salad, and had the same experience while peeling the eggs that i have had with just about every single egg since arriving in russia: they are impossible to de-shell quickly and cleanly, resulting in a painfully slow process of picking off tiny pieces of shell while trying not to throw away as much of the actual egg as possible. it's insanely frustrating. but, that's russia fer ya, teaching patience in every way possible.

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