Monday, December 13, 2010


... it's a good word. that's all.

this is what i look like at 24 years old

here i am, still 23, on the eve of my birthday. note the vast differences. photo taken by polly.

i'm watching The Big Lebowski, preparing for a class I'm gonna watch it with. baked a very normal looking loaf of bread (based on this super simple no-knead recipe, with rosemary and garlic added), in my fancy new bread pan that polly gave me for my birthday (awesome present! she is quite the bread-making enabler).

today so far as been really nice and chill... i woke up on my own volition around 9 am, talked with a friend on the phone for awhile, drank instant coffee, baked the bread (mostly i was just waiting for the dough to rise), showered, prepared my Big Lebowski worksheet, sliced up some banana bread to give to my students. working late afternoons does have its advantages.

something i am excited about: the time for my mom's visit is really drawing near... less than two weeks to her arrival!

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