Tuesday, December 7, 2010

There is a treadmill in the hallway (inside our apartment, the one that connects all of the rooms), it looks like this:

(geography note: the door behind it is the kitchen, to the left is the roommate's bedroom, further left is my bedroom.)

I seriously love this thing. I'm not gonna lie, I think running on treadmills is boring as all get out, HOWEVER, it certainly beats running in the tear-inducing cold, and also in icy conditions, which frighten me even for walking. It's also nice to have a reasonable way of staying fit without resorting to P90X-- which, by the way, just goes to show that if you put an infomercial out there for long enough, it will eventually become popular. Plus, I can turn off all the lights and run in the dark. Well, near-dark, as I am a little afraid of mis-stepping, falling off, being thrown against the wall, knocked unconscious and crumpled on the floor for my roommate to discover when he comes home (obviously I only operate the dorozhka when the apartment is empty, since I would never subject myself to the humiliation of anyone witnessing me running on it).

In other news: the weather is starting to warm up a little, as it neared 0C today. My dad was telling me that he was looking at the weather report (which he does frequently, as he seems to know more about the weather here than I do) and it's supposed to be in the 30sF soon. Practically balmy!!

Oh yeah, and my birthday is soon. So that's weird.

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