Friday, December 10, 2010

you're doin' yoga just to look the part

today, as planned, i did very little other than bake some rosemary garlic bread. it was delicious, also as planned. and, as with all bread i make, i was kicking myself afterward for not making two loaves. damn. DAMN! shortly after i removed the bread from the oven, a scene undoubtedly reminiscent of this one, from Zoolander* took place, as i impatiently attempted to remove the hot bread from the hot baking dish. very frustrating, though i eventually did free it.

since i basically did nothing all day and recently downloaded a bunch of p90x videos, i spontaneously decided to do some yoga tonight. the 90 minute yoga video is not too bad (pretty thorough and varied) and i impressed myself by making it through the entire thing. i am definitely out of yoga-shape. the video is cheesy but it sure beats having to figure out what to do on my own (somehow i seem to be incapable of putting together a substantial yoga sequence despite the fact that i've been doing yoga for over 6 years now). additionally, i seem to have forgotten how relaxing it is (afterward...), so in that respect it was totally awesome.

tomorrow, as with all saturdays, i teach my individual students. the first is an adorable seven year old girl who is full of life, and my main goal is figuring out ways to sneak vocabulary and grammar points into play time. afterward i have about an hour and a half break, and then i teach the other two students. one is a 12 year old girl, the other an eight year old boy (they're brother/sister, but since they are totally different ages and levels, the lessons are separate). the boy is really quiet (only with me, he's very loud the rest of the time) and sometimes it's hard to engage him, but he's SO CUTE when i can get him to smile/laugh. the girl is a total sweetheart, and her english is actually quite good, so the lessons have consisted of normal english learning stuff with a lot of chit-chatting in between.

so, really, other than the fact that i have to wake up kind of early for a saturday, and don't get home until about 4:15, it's a really nice work day.

annnnnd tomorrow is kind of exciting because i'm going to a sushi place with some friends as an early birthday celebration (one day early, because saturdays are way cooler than sundays for doing things).

*the italian version was the only version of this clip i could find!

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