Saturday, January 15, 2011

Igloo-Friday failure

I had a two week break in which my mom came to visit, which was AWESOME, and we did stuff and had fun and there are some pictures and all of these things I will probably write about in more detail in the near-ish future. So just be patient.

In a disappointing turn of events, igloo Friday didn't quite come to fruition. I still hope to make it a tradition, perhaps starting next Friday. Polly's friend is in town visiting, and Oleg came over to Korolyov to help him register (you have to get officially registered in a city if you plan to be there longer than 3 business days and it helps to have a local resident vouching for you; this just involved a trip to the post office, filling out some forms and Evan paying 400 rubles, or about $13 ) and fix Polly's internet cable. So we dragged him into the forest with us in return. Here are some pictures from that:

Oleg and Polly, walking off into the distance

Wild puppies!!!!!!!

Signs telling us not to eat mushrooms and berries from the forest and that we're in an especially protected zone plus beautiful trees/sky/OMG there was some blue sky to be seen

Polly testing out the snow depth

And again...

Winter wonderland!

Evan with snow on his head, looking happy nevertheless

In some sort of tree/snow tunnel

Oleg being an angel/lucky that he didn't crack through the ice and die in some cold-ass water (I later confirmed my suspicions that this was some body of water via yandex maps satellite imaging)

Inspecting a decorated x-mas tree. Evan, don't eat the candy left on it!

Sun?! And sketchy-looking factory

Typical babushka, swinging a cake in one hand and a bunch of plastic bags in the other

So that was the majority of the day. Evan and I hung out for awhile while Polly was teaching, then I eventually moseyed home, stopping on the walk from the train station to my apartment to take a few more pictures. It was a lovely evening. In fact, all week has been very pleasant, as we in the Moscow area have been experiencing a bit of a heat wave. For most of the week temperatures hovered around 0C/32F!! Allegedly it's going to get cold soon (-20C! Ew!), but I'll believe it when I see it.

Taken from by the river that runs by my apartment, you can't see my actual building from here but you can trust that it looks identical to the other ones.

River/apartment blocks

Closer to my apartment

Shitty graffiti and soviet style playground right behind my building

More shitty graffiti

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