Monday, March 21, 2011

march (photo) madness

I'm not gonna lie, teaching English was never any dream of mine, and it can be kind of tiring, but I am totally in love with life. Here is why:

At prom-moskva 2011 a couple of weeks ago, with Polly as my date (obviously)

saturday night, the last of the mojitos!

we're just two girls, hanging out on a saturday night drinking milkshakes (polly took hers in a jar, mostly to irritate oleg who seems legitimately offended by it)

carousel at gorky park entrance, where polly and i decided to go sunday before dinner with our friend matt. this is, by the way, my new favorite place in moscow. especially in this late-winter/early-spring weather, where attractions at the park were only about 30% operational (that is, only about 30% of them were operating-- not that all of them were only at 30%-- although that is probably also true) and there were hardly any people, and bizarre soviet carnival music was playing. it was all very surreal and wonderful.

of course mt. rushmore is also in gorky park.

standing next to some GIANT (like what i did there?) doors on some GIANT/slightly terrifying/definitely intimidating soviet building that didn't even have a name, just sculptures of tanks in front. i was convinced a tank would come barreling through those doors at any moment.

there turned out to be a tiny door in the big doors (how post-modern?), and all it takes to get in is to show up loaded down with snacks and kick on the door a few times.

we finally saw an elk! granted it was not in elk island forest, and it was kind of a sad sight overall. very... joyless.


polly: goddammit, russia! this is not a toilet!

freaking adorable/beautiful 17th century church

a balcony i would never ever set foot on, ever.

polly looking bewildered/beautiful, as per usual

random shot of where we were sitting: cathedral of christ the savior; two boys hanging out on a sunday afternoon, drinking cokes.

for me, one of the coolest things about russia are the numerous pastel colored buildings, as photoed here

at the starlite diner, which is as close to a piece of america as we're gonna find here (well, outside the US embassy, which actually is a little piece of america). sure polly is a little blurry, but my oreo milkshake is in focus!

finishing the night with some beers at a beer restaurant. mine is the raspberry beer in the middle, SO DELICIOUS.

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