Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring, sprang, sprung

Today might have been the first day that, to me, has really felt like spring. I think it was the combination of +3C degree weather and blue skies; until now, it was usually just one or the other (ok, and not quite that warm). It was a beautiful day (except for the slushy, dirty ground, which will be a whole other beast to deal with as the season shifts), and it made me really excited for spring and summer (to be fair, summer is something I am permanently excited about).

A little while ago, while still in the depths of winter, I was talking with Cat on the skype, and she was asking about how the weather was and realized this is the first entire winter I've experienced, and her reaction was something like "OMG you're going to DIE when spring comes!" Only, the tone in her voice wasn't quite right, so it almost sounded like she meant I would literally die. I hope this is not the case?

Now it is time for sleeping. Here are a few random photos from today:

A gift to a fellow teacher from her students (whose class recently finished). This is one of the more ridiculous looking "cakes"(?!) I have seen since arriving here in the land of not-quite-right cakes

Women's day flowers from a teenage boy

Different teenage boys (from a different class-- not just random teenage boys) The situation is this: Ilya (right) is gazing adoringly upon Sergey's (admittedly pretty sweet) coat while Sergey awkwardly writhes around to avoid said gaze. The hilarity didn't photograph as well as I'd hoped.

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