Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women's Day

Last night there was a prom themed party at one of the LL teachers' apartments in Moscow, so Polly went as my date. It was actually sort of a fun excuse to get dressed up. I wore a dress I've owned for years but have never had the opportunity to wear.

The party was a hit, people were inappropriately drunk and acting awkward. We went to a club afterward (Polly and a few other people I don't know that well and me), which wasn't anything special, and then I slept at Annie's apartment, woke up to weird snacks left over from the party, so I had a highly nutritional breakfast of pizza and some weird little mint flavored cookies (??!). Eventually I made it home, though I gotta say that a silk gown makes for an awesome walk of shame outfit.

This is a picture of me kissing the pumpkin. It was a gift from a student a couple of weeks ago. I think I want to make a pie with it, though I am not entirely sure (/I am lazy and am avoiding having to make a pie crust). Best. Gift. Everrrr.

And that is pretty much it. I am looking forward to my classes tomorrow, as I will probably feel a million times better than the last day I worked (which was all day Saturday, to make up for the extra day off they give between Sunday and Women's day). And also my students are pretty sweet. This is also going to be a cool week because tomorrow is already Wednesday!

I feel like I should also comment on the weather/season shift. Up until late last week, it hadn't snowed in nearly two weeks. The efforts to clear the sidewalks and roads were actually keeping, the snow was remaining pee-stained as it wasn't being covered every night, and the skies were really clear and it was generally just beautiful. The only downside to that was the cold-- it stayed around -12C for awhile. It isn't as bad as -20, but any amount of wind stings your face. That is by far the worst part. Otherwise the cold hasn't been, well, as cold as I had expected. Russia, you have disappointed me. Maybe I should try Siberia next time? So anyway, finally the temperature went up to almost zero, which is insanely pleasant to go for walks in, a bunch of snow fell, but the warmth made it sort of slushy. Now it feels a lot of walking on sand.

This is from a fantastic walk Polly and I went on last Friday:

The sky was actually bluer than it looks here.

And now, it's bedtime. Goodnight, moon.

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