Saturday, April 30, 2011

How about a picnic?

Today Ilya's birthday was celebrated by having a picnic on the grounds of Moscow State University, then wandering for miles and miles to a metro station (by no means the nearest one), going through Sparrow Hills and along the Moscow River. Lots of eating and drinking took place and a bit of mediocre frisbee tossing and, much to my surprise/pleasure, my dad partook in all of these activities. There is one photo of me and my dad, but mostly they are of me and my friends, because I am narcissistic (and he had the camera.)

standing in front of one of the crazy Stalin-era university buildings

one of Stalin's seven sisters... i never get tired of these buildings

this came out surprisingly well, considering i am the subject

one of Ilya's friends, whose name i forgot a bunch of times (including right now). note the hooligans in the background pouring more drinks for themselves for the walk

my dad continuing to play paparazzi at the base of the stairs

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