Wednesday, May 25, 2011

St. Petersburg: Winter Edition

Several days spent in Petersburg in early January with my mom, Polly, and Travis. The pictures basically speak for themselves, but sometimes I added helpful captions


Gazing adoringly upon Polly...

Kazan Cathedral

Consoling Polly?

Travis, selflessly doing something stupid for our entertainment

Hanging out by the fortress

Travis, selflessly warming my mom's face in his bosom(?)

Total confusion

Travis, ruining a perfectly good photo

St. Peter and Paul Fortress


Travis, taking orders from Pushkin

Pushkin Says: play leapfrog

Adorable cafe


St. Isaac's

Peter the Great, stepping on the Russian flag?! Shameful!



Artsy photo in front of the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Eating lights?

Pleased with herself for writing bad words in the snow

Best way to end the trip: train friends!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moscow with Dad in photos (part I)

My dad took upwards of 500 photos while here (463 to be exact), so I'm just going to post a small sample. These are from May 3rd, the day of our late night St. Petersburg departure.

Here is red square, with various preparations for Victory Day and us:

a group of Russians ambushed me when they heard me speaking English and wanted a picture taken with me... they seemed even more confused when I spoke Russian back to them

We also went inside St. Basil's Cathedral (my first time!), and took some pictures of that.

After that we walked over to sculpture park, right across from gorky park.

Stopping to take a picture on the walk

Dad and his good friend Brezhnev

Lenin, why is your head so small?! Also, Stalin would be pissed if he knew someone had drawn all over his forehead.

The fish was asking for it!

The back of my head as I effortlessly guide my dad through the Moscow metro system

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Straight-laced Dad, meet Russian Vodka

It turns out my dad has never taken a shot in his life. Last night I basically had to shame him into taking a couple of vodka shots. When in Rome, right? I rewarded him with a Dr. Pepper. Katie's parents, on the other hand, are real troopers. Katie is somewhere in between. Today is another day.

As one friend said "So not Russian... though perhaps that's why he's smart as shit. He didn't drink away his brain cells." Truer words have not been spoken (texted).

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Saint Petersburg, part II

My dad and I took a train with Katie and her parents up to Petersburg. Other than nearly missing the train, he trip was great (quiet, comfortable temperature as opposed to the sweat lodge of the winter trip) and we were able to check into our hotel immediately and even eat the free breakfast. Score.

Yesterday, after our free breakfast, we just walked around a small part of the city, checking out the Kazan Cathedral, Winter Palace, The Bronze Horseman (Peter I), and St. Isaac's Cathedral. Other than the Hermitage and Saint Peter and Pauls fortress, we don't really have plans (I don't think).

We're here until Saturday night, then we will have VDNKHA SUNDAY with Polly, Matt, and Dan, then my dad leaves early Monday morning. Sometime after that I will probably (hopefully) get to posting pictures. And maybe I'll even post my winter Petersburg pictures as a comparison...

Monday, May 2, 2011

American Dad, meet Russian forest

Today we made a little trip to Korolev to go into the forest with Polly. My dad had the brilliant idea of having another picnic, so we got some food and boldly marched into the trees.

our spread: meat, cheese, bread, tomato, orange juice, candy, and piƱa colada (obviously a necessary item)

Polly emphatically explaining the Instamatic camera to my dad

Dad and me!

After the forest picnic the three of us went down to the south of Moscow to the Indian place we've gone to before (Aroma) and had dinner with Matt and Dan. Delicious, as usual. Then we (minus Matt) went on a walk around the center a little bit. Moscow never ceases to amaze me.

Another of Stalin's Seven Sisters buildings, another picture in Moscow ruined by the electric bus lines

Beautiful church in Moscow

And that's that. Tomorrow we'll do some touristy things in the center, come home and relax, probably go visit Polly for a little while, and then we're off to St. Petersburg on a midnight train with Katie and her parents!