Monday, May 2, 2011

American Dad, meet Russian forest

Today we made a little trip to Korolev to go into the forest with Polly. My dad had the brilliant idea of having another picnic, so we got some food and boldly marched into the trees.

our spread: meat, cheese, bread, tomato, orange juice, candy, and piƱa colada (obviously a necessary item)

Polly emphatically explaining the Instamatic camera to my dad

Dad and me!

After the forest picnic the three of us went down to the south of Moscow to the Indian place we've gone to before (Aroma) and had dinner with Matt and Dan. Delicious, as usual. Then we (minus Matt) went on a walk around the center a little bit. Moscow never ceases to amaze me.

Another of Stalin's Seven Sisters buildings, another picture in Moscow ruined by the electric bus lines

Beautiful church in Moscow

And that's that. Tomorrow we'll do some touristy things in the center, come home and relax, probably go visit Polly for a little while, and then we're off to St. Petersburg on a midnight train with Katie and her parents!

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