Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cold War Era Dad, meet Red Square

This is mostly pictures of me making stupid faces, my dad, my friends, and Red Square, the face of big bad communism. All in 4 pictures. More proof that my dad is alive and well in Moscow.

Yesterday my dad and I started off (in the late afternoon) from Mytishchi, and, amoeba that we are, had conglomerated with 3 Virginians by the time we made it to the Izmailovo open air flea market. We wandered through for what felt like hours (easily could have been), had some shashlik (grilled meat), went to Chili's where all the boys ate a second lunch, drank some beers, walked along Old Arbat (rife with festivities and performers due to the 1st of May celebrations-- Int'l Workers Day. I could have stayed there all day) a bit, and headed to red square (as seen above). Then we stopped by a beer restaurant and sat and talked awhile, then finally made our way home, arriving around midnight. The most excellent thing about my dad having to adjust to the time here is that I can mold him to my sleep schedule. SWEET.

Also, at Izmailovo, it turns out I am the best barterer of them all, scoring a sweet free artic fox fur hat from my dad (who paid for it):

Not gonna be cold this winter. Which will arrive in approximately 3 months.

Newsflash: I am still madly in love with Moscow.

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