Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moscow with Dad in photos (part I)

My dad took upwards of 500 photos while here (463 to be exact), so I'm just going to post a small sample. These are from May 3rd, the day of our late night St. Petersburg departure.

Here is red square, with various preparations for Victory Day and us:

a group of Russians ambushed me when they heard me speaking English and wanted a picture taken with me... they seemed even more confused when I spoke Russian back to them

We also went inside St. Basil's Cathedral (my first time!), and took some pictures of that.

After that we walked over to sculpture park, right across from gorky park.

Stopping to take a picture on the walk

Dad and his good friend Brezhnev

Lenin, why is your head so small?! Also, Stalin would be pissed if he knew someone had drawn all over his forehead.

The fish was asking for it!

The back of my head as I effortlessly guide my dad through the Moscow metro system

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