Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Saint Petersburg, part II

My dad and I took a train with Katie and her parents up to Petersburg. Other than nearly missing the train, he trip was great (quiet, comfortable temperature as opposed to the sweat lodge of the winter trip) and we were able to check into our hotel immediately and even eat the free breakfast. Score.

Yesterday, after our free breakfast, we just walked around a small part of the city, checking out the Kazan Cathedral, Winter Palace, The Bronze Horseman (Peter I), and St. Isaac's Cathedral. Other than the Hermitage and Saint Peter and Pauls fortress, we don't really have plans (I don't think).

We're here until Saturday night, then we will have VDNKHA SUNDAY with Polly, Matt, and Dan, then my dad leaves early Monday morning. Sometime after that I will probably (hopefully) get to posting pictures. And maybe I'll even post my winter Petersburg pictures as a comparison...

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