Sunday, June 12, 2011

Oh, are you still here?

If there's one thing I've learned about myself over the past 10 months in Russia, it's that I'm an unreliable blogger.

I was officially DONE teaching on Monday, June 6th. So there's that. I feel a little like I'm floating. I have my summer more or less planned out, but I'm basically doing nothing for the next two weeks. And that's weird. I have enough money saved to support myself until I start working again in September, so that makes it difficult for me to be motivated to find some private students.

I'm wondering right now: why is it so satisfying to throw things from great heights?

To be perfectly honest, this is a sad time for me. My infrastructure of friends for the past several months is collapsing in front of my eyes. Matt has gone home for the summer (but returns in the fall), Polly leaves for home (permanently) on Thursday, and Dan leaves on June 28th (the day before the much anticipated Gogol Bordello concert, to which I already have tickets and a date!).

I'm sad about all of these departures, but most of all about Polly leaving. We've seen each other about 3 times a week for the past 10 months, and life is just not going to be the same without her. It's rough, man. I can't put into words how awesome I think she is, and how fulfilling it's been having her as a friend. Ok, enough sappy emotional bullshit.

Maybe I've already mentioned it here, or maybe you have inferred already, but I decided to come back to LL for another year of teaching. Mostly for lack of anything better to do, though I hope it will be my last year teaching English FOREVER. Steps are already being taken toward my secret master plan.

In short: I am very sad about people leaving, very excited about my myriad summer plans, and very interested to see who and what the new academic year brings to Mytishchi come September.

p.s. I am madly in love with Eugene Hutz

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  1. Hey Rhea, just wondering if you can pass along your Dad's email and phone # for us? Maybe you can get my email from Katie.

    Wishing you all the best this summer and next year in Mytishchi. Thanks for the memories in St. Petersburg.