Thursday, August 11, 2011

St. Petersburg: Spring Edition

Since I'm not in Mytishchi for the summer, I feel that it just isn't right to be posting about my doings. Here are the much anticipated (ha-ha) photos from my spring St. Petersburg trip with my dad, Katie, and her parents. We stayed at the Nevsky Forum Hotel (on Nevsky Prospect), which was excellent (though pricey) all around: close to the train station, great breakfast included, centrally located, and very friendly staff. Anyway, I don't really have anything clever or interesting to say, so here are a few of the (over 200) photos taken (by my dad, mostly). Good luck guessing what things are, because I'm far too lazy to write captions for the photos in this moment.


  1. hey, i've been reading your blog, if you're still in Moscow i'd love to meet up. i`m from the U.S. and there's also another girl that I met who's from the U.S as well ..

  2. Hey, I've been in the states for a whirlwind visit home, but I get back to Moscow in a couple of days. My number is 8 964 522 48 70, send me a text Monday evening or later so I have your number and we'll work it out from there.