Saturday, September 24, 2011

saturday sundries

1.) For a variety of reasons, Polly made the decision early this year not to return to LL to teach for another year. Tough news to hear from my partner of crime/life companion of 10 months. It seems that after spending several months on a soul crushing job hunt in America, she made the decision to return to Moscow. Not to LL, but again as an english teacher. Frankly, I don't care what she's doing here as long as this can continue:

i'm sure she's hoping exactly the same thing

2.) I've mentioned this before, but Charlie's Best Bread in Pacific Beach (San Diego) has the best challah I have ever tasted in my life. I've experimented a couple of times with baking challah in the past, but the results left a lot to be desired (and in one case, created more of a pretzel-like product, which was just weird). This isn't exactly news, as it happened back in June, but I finally managed to bake a challah that both looked and tasted delicious (although, it still did not quite measure up to Charlie's):

my oven is a normal size, this challah is massive

3.) In general life news, I am sick. It's difficult for me to do much more than complain about being sick. I had a moment of feeling like an adult yesterday when I realized I was coming down with something, and immediately thought, "thank god this happened at the beginning of my three-day weekend" (so i won't have to take time off work). Weird. Mostly it's characterized by the feeling that my throat is on fire, along with mild nausea and some congestion in my nose. And also feeling like I've been hit by a truck. Thank god my mom bestowed upon me the gift of soup making, as it's about the only thing I've eaten for two days and so, so easy.

4.) It's fall. I miss summer already.

this is what summer looks like

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  1. yay! That's awesome news that Polly is coming back to Moscow. Feel better soon!!!