Friday, October 21, 2011

Cookies, boats, tunamac, cookies...

I've found it difficult to write much, as my life is devoid of anything particularly noteworthy.

Sometimes I bake cookies. These are the same lemon butter cookies from the previous blog post... only a better picture.

yet they still only look a fraction as tasty as they are

LL had its annual Moscow River boat party a few weekends ago, which I was ridiculously excited about. Alas, I largely neglected to take photos in the same manner as last year, though I did feel the urge to snap a picture as my new roommate (on the left) approached and said he was definitely not going to remember most of the party. Later he admitted he had been shotgunning beers in secret on the side of the boat. A real class act, this one...

the marker of a good time?

An acquaintance-turned-friend has visited me a few times this year already, a girl named Sara. She is also an American, and in her last visit gave a thumbs-up approval of our tunamac before it went into the oven...

anything that looks like this can't not be good, right?


And finally: more cookies. These are snickerdoodles, made from this recipe, but I substituted 2 tsp white vinegar for the cream of tartar. The end result was a wonderfully soft, chewy cookie. I love snickerdoodles, if only for the name...

...that's not true, only 50% of my love is due to the name

In conclusion: my life is not interesting.

OH! Although, I did receive a text from Polly today, who is back in the Moscow region. The second great reunion of 2011 will happen tomorrow!

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  1. TUNAMAC. What. Things need to change around here, now that I'm back!

    also, I can't remember if I sent you the link to my blog, so here:

    (Since you're the only one who reads it, other than my mom :) )