Sunday, October 23, 2011


My weekend mostly involved photobombing the recently arrived Polly. I gave her Friday night to rest, but Saturday and Sunday we hung out, doing the usual things (though I'm not entirely sure what that means).

Classic Polly

Reunited, with colored wood chips and Lenin. Just how it should be.

"can i stop pretending to take a picture now?"

Polly looking adorable

What is it with russia and its terrifying public toilets/deathtraps?

I'm also recently finding joy in the ability to buy things on the street (wool socks) and in underground passageways (headband, featured above).

Also, next weekend is Halloween. Actually, not quite, but there will be a Halloween party, and that's really the most important thing.


  1. Hey that is my shirt in the first photo!!

  2. have you bought a bra in a perehod yet??? That is the true test I believe. :) Glad to see you and Polly reuinted and with Lenin too!!