Saturday, December 24, 2011

From Sochi, with Christmas

In a surprising twist which can only be explained by Christmas Eve holiday luck, Polly and I arrived in our holiday destination of Sochi yesterday with effectively zero travel problems. Taxi? On time. Traffic to airport? non-existent. Airplane? On time. Man offering to switch seats so we could be together? Done (although he did steal Polly's pre-ordered vegetarian meal). Bus passing right by our hotel, which happened to be totally visible from the route? Check.

My first impression of Sochi (other than the gorgeous mountain range and coastal views as we came in for the landing) was that it reminds me a lot of San Diego. In fact, the temperature was the same in both places yesterday, about 11C.

After a lazy afternoon in the hotel (comprised of watching hip hop music videos and napping) and early bedtime, we awoke early and exchanged Christmas gifts, then went down for a leisurely breakfast. Now we're off to find the sauna/pool/etc and then walk around Sochi, looking for Christmasy photo ops.

Merry Christmas, internet :)


  1. Merry Xmas to you both.

    Hope you're enjoying your holidays.

    It's my first time in Sochi too, I arrived yesterday for my gig at Pacha last night which was fun!!
    Now I'm looking for somewhere that serves a traditional Xmas lunch, perhaps you'd let me know if you find somewhere


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  3. Merry Christmas!! Can't wait to see the Sochi pics! So happy to hear all your good luck getting there, but it sucks about the stolen veggie meal!