Sunday, March 4, 2012

Elections, Shmelections

The Russian presidential elections took place yesterday. It's hard for me to know what to say/where to start, because (a) I am not especially interested in politics and (b) it's a lot to take in. My blog is not the place to come for information on these matters. Polly does a better job tracking it, as do other various blogs, and the news. Here is a quote I stole from Polly's blog, followed by a news headline from today on a BBC feed:

"Есть большое сомнение, что они [выборы] отражают реальные настроения в обществе"
- Михаил Горбачев

"There is a great doubt that they [the elections] reflect the real moods of society." - Mikhail Gorbachev

"In a small village with only 380 inhabitants, Putin received over 1000 votes"

I feel that these appropriately sum up the 2012 Russian presidential elections.

What's most important, is that on this great day of decision, the honey festival was also happening. Instead of taking place in Tasritsino park, this "spring" version of my favorite festival is taking place in an indoor exhibition center, just off of Red Square. As we walked around in search of the building, we couldn't help but notice the massive amounts of police (truck-fulls of them), and the fact that huge portions of the city center were blocked off, apparently in preparation of some (pro-Putin, post-election) rally. Undeterred, we made our way along the detour route and fired ahead toward that sweet, sweet nectar. We remained hopeful as we drew near, using the sight of people asking policemen questions and being pointed in the general direction of our destination as inspiration. However, as we approached, we realized with great despair, that the festival was on hold for the day of the elections. With heavy hearts, we turned back toward Arbat and went to Sbarro for a slice of pizza.


  1. I'm glad all of your election coverage comes exclusively from a. me via FB chat or b. from your crazed need for honey. ))

  2. That's a pretty accurate summary...