Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When the Alcoholic Sleeps

I know I've been somewhat negative in my last few posts, and I make no apologies or excuses.  Spring is here now and there are various things bringing me joy in life:

1) I went for a run last Saturday morning, and I was pretty sure I found a time without people drinking everywhere.  But I went on Sunday morning too, and there was more than one group of drinking men.  So, I'll have to try again to be sure.  I still think I might be onto something here.

2) I saw teenage boys picking up trash, which was a refreshing change from the babushki (old ladies) and central asian/caucasian immigrants usually doing it.*

3) I bought a whole lot of strawberries for 115 rubles ($4).  I ate many of them with Polly on a park bench (outdoors!  in a t-shirt!), along with chocolate cake. 

photo stolen from Polly, fork stolen from Sbarro

4) It's light past 8 pm.

5) I adore my husband

*I'm positive they were forced to do it, but it doesn't change my opinion

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  1. Love! You and "Koala" make me smile. And the image of teenage boys forced to pick up garbage by the babushki is hilarious!